all about DRESS CODE

We believe that a uniform dress code gives students a sense of belonging to our family. Uniformity also:

  • Encourages discipline​
  • Helps students resist peer pressure to buy stylish clothes for class
  • Help identify non-students in the studio
  • Diminish economic and social barriers between students
  • Increase a sense of belonging and school pride

Dance attire may be purchased year-round from all about DANCEWEAR, which is our store of choice. They stock our required items as well as a copy of this list for your reference. We are also committed to restricting attire/costumes that project sexuality, contain explicitly graphic or textual content. This is also true of our general studio dress code. Appropriate dress must be a consideration at all times. No midriffs, cleavage (girls), bare chests (boys), short shorts (without leotard) or words written on the backside (bottom) of clothing will be permitted. Dance shoes should NEVER be worn outside.

All students are required to have a dance bag to store their personal belongings. Please make sure your name is on the outside of the bag using a luggage tag or other means.

View the Dress Code Requirements for each of our styles, class and levels below. Dress Code Requirements must be met by the 3rd week of the season.


3 dancers standing on pointe in dress code
ballet dancer standing in attitude

SPARKS Requirements

SPARKS Dancers (ages 3 to pre-K)

  • Leotard: We want this to be a fun time for our kids and who doesn’t love shopping for tutus! You have the freedom to let your child choose any pastel color leotard, in any style.
  • Tights: footed, pink
  • Ballet slippers: leather full sole, pink
  • Skirts/tutus optional
  • A small bag to store belongings

SPARKS Mighty Mites

  • Black sweatpants
  • Black t-shirt
  • White Belt ($5 to instructor)
  • There is an optional uniform available for purchase if your son/daughter will be continuing in the program. Please see the instructor for details.

FORCE Requirements

Ballet and Pointe/Pre-Pointe

  • All Ballet Students:
    • Shrugs, sweaters, leg warmers and other warm-ups are optional and may be worn the first 15 minutes of class only.
    • Each student should have at least one plain ballet skirt, any color.
    • Leotard styles are personal preference. Colors are based on Levels and are as below.
  • Ballet I-A and I-B: Soft Pink Leotard, pink footed tights, pink leather full-sole ballet shoes​. Hair pulled back into a ballet bun.
  • Ballet II-A and II-B​: Navy leotard, tan or pink tights (footed or convertible), pink leather or canvas split-sole ballet shoes.  Hair pulled back into a ballet bun.
  • Ballet III & higher:  Burgundy leotard for all classes, tan or pink convertible or footed tights (no black tights, please), leather or canvas split-sole ballet shoes.  Hair pulled back into a ballet bun.
  • Pre-Pointe: same as ballet as they are demi-pointe (use regular ballet slipper). Pre-Pointe will also require a special strength training tool kit, which will be discussed with the student prior to enrolling in the class.
  • Pointe: Pointe shoes require special fitting for proper use. Please visit all about DANCEWEAR to purchase these.


    • Students may wear ballet shoes for this class. As they get more advanced, we suggest some type of foot Undeez.​ Black, pink, and tan tights are permitted.  Ballet skirts or form fitting shorts are encouraged. Hair pulled back into a ponytail or bun.

    ​Jazz, Jazz/Hip Hop and Tap

    • ​Jazz and Jazz/Hip Hop students must have black jazz shoes. Boot is preferred, lace is acceptable. Students may wear any combination of shorts, pants and tops. Crop tops are acceptable with a leotard underneath.
    • Tap students Level I-III: Black full-sole Mary Jane.
    • Tap students Level IV & higher: may move to split-sole or keep full sole (black).
    • Lace up Tap shoes preferred.​​

    ​​Hip Hop

    • Hip Hop students should wear “clean” (never-worn outside) black sneakers or jazz shoes along with any combination of shirts or crop tops (with leotard underneath). Full length pants or knee pads to protect the knees is desirable.​