Frequently Asked Questions

​​​How do I view your class listings?

Our Parent Portal will have the most up-to-date information about our current class offerings. However, we do make an effort to list available classes under our “Programs” section of the website. Please reach out to us if you’re having trouble finding available classes.

How much do classes cost/ What is your tuition?

View our policies page to view our tuition rates.

What ages do you teach and what styles of dance do you offer?

Our youngest students begin dance with a caregiver. We have mommy & me classes that start at 18 months. All other classes include all ages through adults.  Our dance styles range from Hip Hop to Ballet, and everything in between, even martial arts!

How long does dance season last?

Our season consists of 36 weeks, starting in early September, and running through the end of May, with a performance the first Saturday in June for both SPARKS and FORCE students.

What does my child need to wear?

Each style of dance has a required dress code. Click here for more information. All attire can be found at our store of choice, all about DANCEWEAR, just 5 doors down from the studio.

Do I have to sign up/pay for the whole season?

When you pick a class, we assume you will be staying through the season, but we understand life sometimes gets in the way. We just ask for a 30 day withdrawal notice to allow us time to fill the space. Payments are monthly. If you choose to pay for the year in advance, you will receive a 3% discount (if paid by Oct. 1).

Do you offer family discounts?

We offer a 3% discount if you choose to pay the season in advance. Doing so requires that the full season is paid by October 1. Send a request via email for amount and instructions to pay in this way to:

We also offer our family maximum charge. View more information about the family maximum charge on our policies page.

What if me or my child doesn’t like it?

No problem! We want you to be happy with your decision to join our family and will do whatever it takes to make your time with us enjoyable. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your choice, we will take the necessary steps to find a more suitable class. If you find that dance just isn’t a good fit for you/your child, we will happily withdraw you from the class. We do ask for a 30 day notice when withdrawing so that we have time to fill the spot.

Is there a recital?

YES! We offer a winter showcase (for FORCE) and 2 spring recitals (for FORCE and SPARKS). The winter showcase is optional and offered outside of regular classes. The spring recitals are for all seasonal classes and are held at the end of the season on the first Saturday in June. This is a great opportunity for our students to perform and share all that they have learned throughout the year with their family and friends.

Our FORCE (K-12) performance is held on the first Saturday in June and lasts 2-3 hours. Expect to have additional rehearsals at the venue throughout the first week of June.

Our SPARKS program (Pre-K) have their own special show. We want our little ones to have a positive stage experience. Our SPARKS Show is held the same weekend of the FORCE recital with a real stage. The difference is that we keep the house lights up and parade the students through the aisle, so that they can see their families before they perform. This gives them the confidence to perform at their very best.

How much does the recital cost?

View our policies page to view our recital fee information.

Additional Info

​Our Parent Portal (ClassJuggler) has many options. You can make payments, view your child’s attendance and eventually view their skills. We also send automated emails and texts from this system, so please be sure your information is kept up-to-date. We try to have someone at the front desk at all times, so stop by with any feedback or questions, or drop your payments into the lock box. ​

Have we missed anything? Contact us at to submit a question.