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Located in the same plaza at 112 E. National, Studio e is an additional activity space that gives all about DANCE room to grow and offers others the chance to grow, too! In addition to holding dance classes, you will also find cardio, yoga and martial arts in Studio e. Interested in using Studio e? Fill out the contact form below and we will contact you with details.

adult dancers in halloween costumes
adult cloggers in blue costumes

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Join Kelly Gibson Saturdays at noon for an invigorating and fun workout. Get more details and sign up HERE!

Contact us about using Studio e.

Have you been thinking about hosting your own class/activity but need space to do it. Perhaps you want to offer private lessons to an individual or small group, Studio e might be the right place for you. Send us an email with the best contact info for you and how you would like to use the space. We will get back to you with rates and availability.